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[Irregular updates because I'm a dumb poophead.] Avery Price is the son of a filthy-rich surgeon with high hopes for his future. Unfortunately, he and his parents' ideas of a good future differ drastically, and Avery finds himself stripped of his parents' funds and thrown into the harsh world on his own in order to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist. Avery trudges on obliviously in this strange new town with the hopes of surviving on his own and making a name for himself, not that he has the foggiest idea how to do either. Enter Juniper Winston and her houseful of equally unusual cohorts. Juniper is everything Avery isn't. Sometimes helping and sometimes hindering, the two bump heads often and struggle to find their place in the world. In the end, what they find out is... ...Well, they'll let you know when they figure it out.


I really doubt anyone actually reads these news posts, but whatever. I'll put it here just to say that I did.

So, as the title suggests, The Juniper Winston Effect is going on hiatus/very irregular updates. Things are a bit hectic as of late, and I'm starting to lose the momentum I had when I started. Hopefully, at a less busy time, I'll be able to pick it back up and update regularly again.

Thanks in advance for your support,


No update this week because of reasons.

No page this week because life is kicking my ass a little bit. Despite the long weekend I got, I was unable to finish a page. Things have been a little hectic lately. I'm really sorry, my lovelies!

I will aim for a page next week, but updates might be irregular. I hope you'll stick with me despite the setback! Sorry again!


Update Schedule.

Hey there, guys. Pocky here. I'm just writing to let you fabulous people know that "The Juniper Winston Effect" will be updated, hopefully, once weekly with a comic page! That means that every Saturday or Sunday, if it so pleases you, you can march yourselves over to Smackjeeves to check. I hope you'll stick with me for this comic!



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